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Cheryl Eve Acosta

Cheryl Eve Acosta is the visionary who founded TATTUAGE®. Her love for body adornment led to her desire to introduce a unique way of wearing fashion jewelry without the commitment inking has. The versatility of TATTUAGE will endlessly bring originality to your personalized look!

Jewelry designer, Cheryl Eve Acosta, is the creator behind TATTUAGE — Metal Tattoo Jewelry. Her love for body adornment led to her designing precious metal jewelry that adheres to the skin without the commitment inking has. Her unique idea emerged form a shadow projection on the body while traveling in the USA.

TATTUAGE Jewelry recently debuted during Kansas City Fashion Week (S/S Summer 2017) introducing a new and unique method of wearing fashion jewelry. TATTUAGE provides women a non-permanent body accessory that is reusable, interchangeable, and customizable — allowing you to create a unique,personalized, expressions.

Runway Fashion Show - Cheryl Eve Acosta


Cheryl Eve Acosta was awarded a presidential scholar from the Rhode Island School of Design where she earned her MFA in Jewelry & Metals. She holds an Entrepreneurial Scholarship certificate from the UMKC Regnier Institute and recently received a CAD/CAM Certificate and scholarship from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) in NYC.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Seoul, Florence and Munich. Her work has been published in 500 Earrings, Dreaming Jewelry and Art Jewelry Today 3. She has also published her own book Hidden in Nature.

Cheryl Eve Acosta was commissioned to design a brooch for former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and has wall art collected by private organizations. She has participated at numerous fashion shows some including the West 18th St. Fashion Show and the Kansas City Fashion Week. Cheryl Eve Acosta is also known for her  sculptural jewelry inspired by the Cycle of Life. She creates avant-guard designs in Kansas City, MO where she owns her jewelry store.

The Design Process

TATTUAGE is a reusable metal tattoo that adheres to the skin. TATTUAGE is a different form of adornment that bridges the gap between jewelry and tattooing, without the permanency of traditional body inking. Our brass designs are made for those who enjoy expressing their personal style in a unique way.

TATTUAGE is as versatile as you are and appropriate for all occasions—from a simple brunch with friends, to a ballroom gala. Our designs are sold in sets, which includes body adhesive, remover, polishing cloth and inspiration booklet.

The brass metal jewels are reusable and interchangeable allowing you to explore infinite ways of styling your designs. As you add more styles to your set you can mix and match to further customize your look!

Each TATTUAGE design is created through a unique process. First, our designs are sketched onto paper. These renderings are then digitally transferred and cut into metal. Numerous prototypes are developed in various thickness, sizes and finishes, to produce and perfect the final product.

TATTUAGE has been tested with numerous types of skin adhesives and latex free products. We find it works best on flat surfaces, such the back and chest area. However, our designs are lightly malleable, allowing you to contour each piece to your body.

Tattuage Metal Jewelry - Design Process


TATTUAGE jewelry was inspired by the world that lives between ephemeral shadows and the art of permanent tattoos. Our precious metal designs originated from a shadow projection of plants on the body, which was later translated into brass metal jewelry. The worldly practice of tattooing developed the naming of each style after a different location in the world. Some destinations include: Fiji, Sydney, Ibiza, Bali, Sydney and Singapore. 

Tattuage Metal Jewelry - Inspiration

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