Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Tattuage?

TATTUAGE is precious metal jewelry that adheres to the skin. Our designs are reusable, customizable and can be contoured to the skin.

What is Tattuage made of?

TATTUAGE is made of solid brass metal sheet. Each piece is finished with a smooth polish. 

What is included in a kit?

TATTUAGE metal jewelry sets come with your choice of 1 style (5 pieces and Fiji 4), adhesive, remover, polishing cloth and inspiration booklet.

What is the remover made of?

Contains: Naphtha (Petroleum) Hydrotreated Light.  Highly flammable.

Apply lightly. After use, moisturize your skin. Do not use on injured or irritated skin.

For more information on product safety and ingredients, please contact us at

What is the adhesive made of?

The Special Adhesive B, is a special-effects adhesive for makeup artists, commonly used for prosthetics as well. It's a distilled water acrylic based glue with a strong bond. The Special Adhesive B Remover works as a solvent for all acrylic based skin adhesives and removes residues from the skin. It is a mild oil-containing preparation, kind to the skin, for removal of Spirit Gum and prosthetic adhesive.

Ingredients: Water, Acrylic Emulsion, Glycerol Guar Gum, Sorbitol Benzyl, Alcohol (as a preservative).

For more information on product safety and ingredients, please contact us at

What happens if I have a reaction?

Stop using TATTUAGE jewelry if you react to it. It is normal for your skin to change color and/or wrinkle where the adhesive and jewelry sits on the skin. If a rash does happen then stop using our products. Some people have allergic reactions to certain metals such as brass, copper, silver and so forth. If you do react to metals, TATTUAGE jewelry may not be for you.

How is Tattuage used?

You adhere the metal jewelry to the skin by adding adhesive to one side of your jewelry and then placing on your skin. Its strong bond allows you to wear our body jewelry for the day but best used for 4-5 hours. Once you are done wearing your jewelry, simply peel off the metal, which you can reuse after cleaning it with your remover. Please refer to our TATTUAGE jewelry steps guide to properly wear it.

How long can I wear it Tattuage?

Our jewelry can be worn for a day if the initial skin/jewelry bond was properly adhered. Our adhesive is made with strong bonding agents commonly used in costume theater props and prosthetics designed for active wear and sweating. Taking a shower or being submerged in water will release the metal adhesion.

How do you shape the metal to fit on your skin?

Our metal jewelry is thin enough that you can contour it to your body. You can use any smooth, hard surface such as a bottle of shampoo to slightly curve it. Do so gradually so you don’t over bend the metal. Always make sure there is complete skin contact with the metal jewelry.

How do I clean the metal?

Our sets come with an oil based remover, which can be used with a soft tissue paper or cotton ball. After the adhesive is completely removed, rinse the metal jewelry with soap water to remove the oil left behind from the remover. Dry well and store in plastic bag.

How do I remove the adhesive from my skin?

Soapy warm water is plenty to clean your skin from any adhesive residue. A loofa sponge might further help if you are unable with your hands.

How do I store my Tattuage set?

TATTUAGE Jewelry should be stored in a dry environment. It is recommended that you keep the pieces in their original bags to prevent them from oxidizing. In doing so, they must be dry to begin with before storing. Don’t store the metal wet nor with adhesive on them. This can oxidize and/or corrode your metal damaging it from future usage.

How many pieces come in a set?

We currently sell 6 metal brass styles called Singapore, Rio, Ibiza, Fiji, Sydney and Bali. Our sets come in varying sizes of 4 and 5 pieces. Fiji is the only style sold with 4 pieces.

How long does it take to apply the adhesive?

The process or wearing our body jewelry can take from 6-20min min to apply depending on the amount of pieces you are wearing, the intricacy of your layout, if your skin and metal are clean and how much adhesive you add.

How long does it take to remove the adhesive from the metal?

Removing the adhesive can take about 2-3 minutes per pieces, including the soapy water rinsing. This also depends on the amount of adhesive you add to your metal, and how quickly you remove the adhesive after using it. It is best to remove the adhesive after each use.

When do I use the polishing cloth?

It can be used when your metal is oxidizing or tarnishing.  This will shine your metal. Rinse clean the metal with soapy water and dry. DO NOT use the cloth if the metal has glue, is wet, or corroded (green).

Where should I wear my Tattuage?

TATTUAGE works best if it’s worn on a flat skin surface such as the chest area.

Can I swim with my Tattuage Jewelry?

No. Our adhesives are water base made. You adhesive will dissolve under water.

Can I sunbathe with my Tattuage Jewelry?

Sunbathing with TATTUAGE Jewelry is NOT recommended. It is made of solid brass metal, which can heat up and burn you if exposed to extreme, hot sunlight.

Can I sleep with my Tattuage Jewelry?

It’s not recommended you sleep wearing your jewelry. Pieces might fall off when you sleep or could tear your bed sheets. However, if you do after a fun night outing, you probably will be OK.

Can I mix Tattuage styles?

Yes!! Tattuage has infinite ways you can uniquely style and customize your look. You can mix and match styles and/or add more pieces to your design.

Can the metal oxide or corrode?  

Yes, our jewelry is made out real metal! If you don’t properly take care of your jewelry, it will corrode and oxidizes. Always remove adhesive after each use and rinse with soapy water. Store in a dry, clean and humid free environment.

Can I use other adhesives and remover?

No. We have tested and selected the best adhesive and remover for our jewelry.  Some adhesives might not hold your jewelry well resulting it to fall. Our remover was also designed to go with the adhesive. Mixing other glues and removers with ours can prevent from our product from working properly.  

Can I special order a design or a different kind of metal?

Yes, you may email us if you want a different metal. However, prices changes will incur for special orders depending on the type of metal. Please note, we may not always be available to create custom orders but we try our best to accommodate.

Do you wholesale?

Yes, please refer to the wholesale orders section of our website. Minimum orders start at $500.00 USD.

Is Tattuage reusable?

Yes. That is the beauty of TATTUAGE jewelry. Unlike rub off tattoos, our metal designs can be reused as long as proper care is given to your jewelry.

Which side of the metal should I use?

TATTUAGE is designed so you can choose either side. Some of our asymmetrical designs give you more options for pattern layout.  You can use either side of our metal jewelry to add the adhesive. However, when reusing, it’s best to use the same side again.

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