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Tattuage Metal Jewelry - How It Works

Why Tattuage?

TATTUAGE is unstructured jewelry that gives you the ability personalize your look and is as versatile as you are. This new wearable concept is precious metal jewelry that looks like a tattoo yet it is not permanent. Unlike temporary tattoos, Tattuage can be reused and can also complement any current tattoos you may have.  Tattuage is reusable, customizable, interchangeable & versatile.

How it works

TATTUAGE is made with solid brass metal. Each design is adhered directly to the skin with a brush-on skin-adhesive included in the bottle. Apply the adhesive to one side of the metal with a brush applicator that is packaged with the bottle.

After wearing the designs for an outing, you may peel off Tattuage and clean the metal with the adhesive remover with a soft tissue paper. After each wear, the metal jewelry should be cleaned to ensure it stays in its best condition. Once each piece is wiped with the remover, metal should be rinsed in warm water with dish soap and patted dry to remover the oily residue.

Each kit comes with an adhesive, a remover, a polishing cloth and a pattern chart to inspire your endless layout variations!

For best results, please follow the steps below.


Skin and jewelry preparation (10 min +/- prepping time)

  1. Select the pattern layout and body placement you wish to showcase your jewelry. Best on chest area.
  2. Gently, contour the metal to your body so full contact is made between your skin and jewelry. A hard plastic bottle or any curved surface can be used to shape and slightly bend the metal if needed.
  3. After knowing the metal placement of TATTUAGE jewelry on your body, thoroughly clean your skin with soap water and/or an alcohol wipe.  Both metal and skin should be clean and oil free. Skin should be free of lotion, makeup, perfume, sweat, body hair, or any other body adhesives or paints.  Not doing so will result to a poor jewelry bond.



  1. Start by adding a little bit of the adhesive to one side of the metal until it’s completely covered. Add glue as needed but don’t overflow the surface to avoid it falling off the edges.
  2. Let the adhesive sit until it becomes clear color and tacky. The body adhesive will NOT adhere to the body if it’s white & runny. This will cause the metal to fall off. Maintain the glue lid closed as much as possible.
  3. We recommend wearing TATTUAGE for 5-6 hrs. or less.

*Avoid other contacts like a scarf, purse handle, and/or jacket from getting in the way of your jewelry. While wearing TATTUAGE, avoid sunbathing with it as this might heat the metal. This product is not made for sunbathing nor swimming. The metal may heat up with sun and water will detach the jewelry from the skin.


  1. Gently peel off TATTUAGE and place your jewelry on a pieces of paper. Use your paper as a cleaning surface to remove adhesive with the oil base mover. Use soft tissue paper to avoid marks scratching the metal. Q-Tips or cotton balls work as well.
  2. After removing the adhesive with our oil baseD remover, rinse metal with soap water to remove the oil left from the remover. Completely dry and store in plastic bag.
  3. You may use a soapy body scrub or just your hands to remove any adhesive left your skin’s surface. Best to remover before showering.



  1. Always store and keep your metal dry and clean. Don’t store your metal jewelry with adhesive left on. This could tarnish or corrode your metal.
  2. Polishing cloth should only be used on dry metal with NO adhesive or remover on it. Avoid exposing the polishing cloth to water, glue and/or the remover as it will damage the cloth from future uses.
  3. Use a sheet of paper or napkin as a work surface when adding the glue to the metal and removing the adhesive.
  4. DO NOT place the glue brush inside the glue cleaner and place back in the glue bottle. This is will damage the adhesive’s bonding qualities.
  5. Store in cool, dry conditions in well sealed receptacles. 

  6. Protect from heat and direct sunlight. 

  7. Avoid freezing the adhesive. This will damage it!
  8. Store away from foodstuffs.


The Special Adhesive B, is a special-effects adhesive for make-up artists, commonly used for prosthetic as well. It is a distilled water, acrylic-base glue with a strong bond. The Special Adhesive B Remover works as a solvent for all acrylic based skin adhesives and removes residues from the skin. It is a mild oil-containing preparation, kind to the skin, for removal of Spirit Gum and prosthetic adhesive.

Tattuage Metal Jewelry - Kit

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